Types of Lighting

Photos on this page are a Courtesy of FX Luminaire

  • Up Lights

    Up Lighting provides an effective way to illuminate specimen trees, palms or accent the architecture of your home.
  • Path Lights

    Path lighting can provide soft lighting to pathways and provide a source of light to illuminate sidewalks, driveways, steps, or accent small landscape plants.
  • Bollards

  • wall lighting

    Wall Lighting is an effective way to provide subtle lighting to highlight the texture and architectural accents of any wall. These can provide general lighting to areas such as outdoor cooking areas, pools, and decking. They can also be incorporated into steps to provide lighting for added safety.
  • Down Lighting

    Down lighting is an effective way to provide overhead lighting to areas giving a natural moon light effect. They can broadcast light over a wide area giving you as much or as little light as you desire. They can also provide focus to accent interesting architectural features of your home or highlight particular specimen plants
  • Specialty Lighting

    Specialty lighting such as in ground well lights can provide striking and dramatic lighting of palm trees and can be positioned around the base of trees even in turf.