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Residential Design
Whether you are looking for a few pathway lights and an uplight for a single palm tree, or a complete design with several hundred lights we can design and lay it out for you. From a simple controller for a handful of LED fixtures to zone dimming and full color spectrum lighting we have you covered.
Commercial Design
Hotels, Restaurants, Apartments, HOA Entrances, all benefit from lighting from an aesthetic and security standpoint. If you are looking to make your business out-shine the others in your area, nothing does that better than landscape lighting.
Lighting Installation
We install what we design. We use high quality fixtures, transformers, and controllers. All of our wire connections are mechanical or suited for direct burial and provide for stress relief on the connection. We take pride in keeping your property clean and tidy during installation and have a 15-point checklist we conduct before we finish any job. We are insured and bonded for your protection.
Renovation of Existing Systems
Whether you are looking to add to an existing lighting system or in the market for a revamp and want to utilize some of your existing components, we can work with you to evaluate the condition of your fixtures, wiring, and transformers. We then can come up with a proposal that can often save you money by upgrading your lighting and updating your lighting design.
LED Conversions
LED (Light Emitting Diode) is the standard in today's lighting systems. Older systems that utilized incandescent and halogen bulbs often had problems with lamps that burned out, created a tremendous amount of heat and were relatively energy inefficient. Today's fixtures that were designed and engineered for LED use provide 40,000 plus hours of maintenance free lamp life and use a fraction of the energy of older systems. While the upfront costs of LED fixtures can be significant, the lower transformer wattage needs as well as the extremely low electrical consumption and lack of lamp replacements make these systems cost effective over time.
If you have an existing system with lamps out, or sections of your landscape lighting that are completely out, we can help. From blown transformers, to cut wires, to replacing faulty fixtures we can diagnose and repair most systems even if we did not install them. If the system is not worth making repair on, we can provide you with a proposal for a new updated system.
System Maintenance
We offer maintenance contracts for the lighting systems we install as well as existing systems you may already have. We come out periodically and check the voltage and amperage of each zone or line on your system. We clean the lenses on all fixtures and clean and protect all fixtures. Any lamps that are burned out are replaced. Architectural Lighting
Architectural Lighting
Hardscape Lighting
Hardscape lighting is simply lighting any outdoor hard surface. Walkways, patios, steps, walls, outdoor cooking areas can be enhanced with nighttime lighting. Hardscape lighting provides lighting for security to light up changes on grade or steps and obstacles but also brings out the beauty and texture of natural and fabricated hardscape materials.